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Thread: Mil Build W.I.P. thread

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    Mil Build W.I.P. thread

    I thought it might be fun for everyone to show where they're at on this cool project. I'll start... everybody jump in any time, this isn't about "me"!

    Yesterday I spent some time in the shop and got all three of my blanks beveled. As you can see the plunges and profiles still need to be cleaned up. I was feelin' kinda squirrely so I decided to make each one a little different... one with my usual nearly-full flat grind, one with a stout full-convex, and (drum roll please, this is a first for me)... a chisel grind.

    I must say this steel grinds very nicely! It's clean as whistle, too. And the WJ-cut blanks are crisp and clean.
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