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Thread: Ka bar ? Identification please

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    Ka bar ? Identification please

    Hi from the UK

    Can anyone ID this knife which was bought as a user by my son for camping/bushcraft etc.
    It was sold to him as a "vietnam era bowie as used by the Green Berets" - hmmm?
    The only marking on the knife was on the top guard on the blade side but has been etched out xxxx
    and is illegible.
    The overall length is 11 3/4 inches and the blade is 7 1/4 inches, the handle is green composite/plastic and there are no markings on the sheath other than a scratched on shield design. (the blade is darker than shown in the pic)
    I have my doubts as to it's vietnam connection and would be grateful to hear your opinions.

    Thanks for looking and a belated Happy New Year to all


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