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Thread: 2nd annual Southern Alberta Hammer-In 2012

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    Oct 2009
    Tilley, Alberta, Canada

    2nd annual Southern Alberta Hammer-In 2012

    Hello all.
    I will be hosting another Southern Alberta Hammer-In again this year. It was a roaring success last year with no issues. It will be June 15,16, and 17th this year.
    There will be another great line up of demonstrators to put on demonstartions. Ed Caffrey(MS) and Steve Kelly(JS) will be here once again. Chad Nichols (famous damascus maker) has also committed to showing us his tecniques in making of damascus.
    If there is anything that you would like to see demonstarted, or added to the hammer - in please email me with your requests.
    I will be posting the registration form in the near future. We had a huge turn out for our first year and sounds like it will be even bigger this year so I will have to put a limit of participants attending this year. It will be a first come first serve so get your registrations forms in as soon as possible.

    Jim Clow
    Box 126
    Tilley, Alberta

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    Aug 2009
    steelville , mo.
    Jim , That sounds like a real blast , wish I could attend . My wives mom is real sick and we are taking care of her now . good luck . and be sure to post some pics James Bubba-san forge
    " If it ain't 6 " long it ain't no tanto"

    25 year Member Japanese sword Society..........Life time member Tenshin Dojo

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