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Thread: Which Paragon Key Control For Newbie

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    Which Paragon Key Control For Newbie

    After doing 12 carbon knives I got some D2 and 440. Would the Basic 3 key control on the Paragon take care of newbie needs? I am after the Km 18. Thanks

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    Aug 2009
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    Either controller will do the job. The 3 key version has fewer memory slots and a couple less audible alarm settings. It's a bit easier to program if you are forgetful like me.
    Paragon released this model controller to compete with the Evenheat SetPro controller.
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    Yes, the basic three key will do the job just fine. As explained by Boss Dog, it is a solid controller without some of the advanced bells and whistles. It has plenty of programs and segments to fire almost all types of blades.

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