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Thread: A big Thank You from the 45th Infantry!

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    A big Thank You from the 45th Infantry!

    I just spoke with a Specialist with the 45th Infantry back on leave. Murph was able to track down a few of the guys from the 45th and send knives from the first Military Build over to Afghanistan.

    These were very well recieved and the guys are super appreciative. The plan was to take a photograph with everyone with the Knife Dog knives but they got split up shortly afterwards.

    Most of those knives are working in a very dangerous part of Afghanistan - a Combat Outpost in Paktia Province.

    They're riding with guys on patrol in turrets manning Mark 19's. They're in a hide pulling overwatch.

    They're carrying their share of the load.

    It was requested of me to send thanks to all of you for your hard work and support of the troops.

    Congratulations men. Well done.

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