I've been debating back and forth on what type of forge I wanted (wood/charcoal or gas). Much like grilling I really like the convenience of gas, but I'm not sure I trust myself to build it right and I really don't want any kabloowee's. Also, the materials needed start to add up quickly for this poor boy. I think I've finally settled on burning wood and making charcoal at the same time like Tai does in his basics video. I've always got wood laying around from the bows that I've broken and other hobbies. The main consideration I'm having trouble with at the moment is whether I want an open tub type forge or something enclosed. I'm sure many of you have seen the airtank forge buildalong on other forums. I think something like this would suit my needs better because I'll be forging near the house and this should keep sparks down. Do you all think I would need to insulate the lid on a forge of this type, though? I'm sure it would help keep my fuel needs down by keeping more heat inside the forge, so maybe I'll just go ahead and do it.