Last week I signed up to go to Joplin with my church to spend a day helping with a little clean up and demo. So, I figured I had better pick up one of those Stanley FUBAR's that I had been wanting for a while. After I picked it up and carried it a bit I decided that it was going to need something to help me carry it. That's when I decided to make a little sheath for it with Kydex.

One of the thing that we did there was tear down a house that was damaged by the tornado. And the FUBAR worked pretty good. Some things a full time crow bar or sledge hammer would probably have done a little quicker. However, it is easier to carry this than both a hammer and a bar. Plus, some things it did better. Such as grabbing onto boards or busting through plaster and lath.

Here is part of the group carrying off a section of the floor.