I started work on my third knife today. I was trying for a half-height flat grind. On all of my previous knives I have tried for a flat grind, or a scandi grind first. These never seem to come out even. I wind up going with a full height convex grind because it covers the mistakes pretty well.

I've seen what I can only describe as exquisite scandi grinds accomplished on a harbor freight 1X30 sander.

So I'd like to know specifically how to get these super even, perfect flat and scandi grinds.

I'm using a Grizzly 2X72" grinder, and have added a ceramic glass liner to the platen.

What grit do you start with for grinding bevels?

Are these grinds established with a single pass on each side?

Are they done freehand?

What devices are used beside the bubble jig to aid in achieving even grinds?

I want to be able to get a good grind without trashing expensive steel. I also don't have a band saw so cutting out my profiles is a time consuming process involving drilling hundreds of little holes around the profile and "connecting the dots" to cut them out. This means I've already spent the better part of an hour cutting out my profiles.

Another question would be: If there was a single moment in your knifemaking experience where you "got it" and your bevels were way better than ever before, what moment was it? Was it a change in technique, or a new tool?

Thanks for your hep. This forum has been a great resource so far and although I'm having a little trouble here and there I think I am way farther along than I would be without it.