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Thread: Hi everybody See Girls make knives too .......

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    Hi everybody See Girls make knives too .......

    Hi Everybody ,This is Darci and I have Made Knife # 8 This weekend.
    the billet is made of 1095-15n20 low layer my POPS made it for me. and I hand forged the blade some i was trying to get the look of the knives the Alaskans use for skinning ,you know that curve that their old skinners had ,but also I wanted it to look like a western knife also.
    I need to make some money for High School Softball ,My POPS has paid all year for travel ball ,and the high school wants 375.00 for travel,uniforms,etc..... so I wanted to pay for this myself to help him out. so after i talk to him I'm going to Raffle this knife off,this is the first time I got to do the etching of the logo and it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted but I can't change it now. I did everything on this knife with no help from POPS ,with every knife he's helping me less and less .I still I'm going to fix the pins some ,make them a little nicer then I'm done,I might try a sheath just one of the kraylex ? ones but I don't think Pops has the rivets ,Hope you like ,I took the pix's also ,I need lots of work on pix's also ,When I get to knife # 10 I get my own Logo YAAAAAAAA. O I forgot the knife is 7 1/4" long with a blade of 3" and the wide part of the blade is 1 3/8" wide and it starts out 1/4" thick and the handle is some horn POPS had in the shop I think elk.

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