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Thread: Hi everybody See Girls make knives too .......

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    darci Guest

    Hi everybody See Girls make knives too .......

    Hi Everybody ,This is Darci and I have Made Knife # 8 This weekend.
    the billet is made of 1095-15n20 low layer my POPS made it for me. and I hand forged the blade some i was trying to get the look of the knives the Alaskans use for skinning ,you know that curve that their old skinners had ,but also I wanted it to look like a western knife also.
    I need to make some money for High School Softball ,My POPS has paid all year for travel ball ,and the high school wants 375.00 for travel,uniforms,etc..... so I wanted to pay for this myself to help him out. so after i talk to him I'm going to Raffle this knife off,this is the first time I got to do the etching of the logo and it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted but I can't change it now. I did everything on this knife with no help from POPS ,with every knife he's helping me less and less .I still I'm going to fix the pins some ,make them a little nicer then I'm done,I might try a sheath just one of the kraylex ? ones but I don't think Pops has the rivets ,Hope you like ,I took the pix's also ,I need lots of work on pix's also ,When I get to knife # 10 I get my own Logo YAAAAAAAA. O I forgot the knife is 7 1/4" long with a blade of 3" and the wide part of the blade is 1 3/8" wide and it starts out 1/4" thick and the handle is some horn POPS had in the shop I think elk.


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    Apr 2010
    Marlette, Michigan, United States
    Very nice work young lady! Im sure your POPS is VERY proud!!!
    God is GOOD, ALL the time!!!

    HHH Knives, Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth & Guided by the spirit!

    Randy Haas

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    Sep 2009
    Hudson, MA
    Good work Darcy!
    Just a cat in the dog pound,

    Dan Pierson

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    Very nice. That's looks better than my 7th knife did.
    If it didn't matter,it wouldn't matter!2guns

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    Aug 2009
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    WOW ~ Very nice Darci!

    Congratulations! I've got my very own DH knife in my collection

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    darci Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Coye View Post
    WOW ~ Very nice Darci!

    Congratulations! I've got my very own DH knife in my collection
    Mr. Bill DH Knives something to think about !!!!!!!! maybe i will use that with ironarmknives on one side and Just DH on the other or just Darci anyways Thanks for supporting me

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    Dec 2009
    Klerksdorp South Africa
    Hi Darci well done that looks great.
    Pieter Fourie

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    darci Guest
    Jeff Pearce won this knife thank everybody for playing and for the support

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    jschmitt Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by darci View Post
    Jeff Pearce won this knife thank everybody for playing and for the support
    I'm so sorry I missed out on this.
    Such an awesome knife!!!

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    Nov 2009
    Siren, WI
    Awesome job Darci!!!
    Feel Free To Visit My Website, Ernie Swanson Knives

    "Never, ever ever call a lady cop "Fatboy". ~ Rock Cowles

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