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    Wink Pretty in Pink Re-Classified

    Here's a blade for anyone that loves pink or the 50's or tactical knives or handmade blades!

    Here's the story: My favorite sister came to visit us after the Blade Show in Atlanta this year. She was looking through a few that had not sold at the show and She bought a beautiful Model XIII Tactical with nice tan canvas micarta handles. She wanted a good knife for in her car.

    Well, she only had the knife but 18 hours before her husband took it over as his own. She called Eddie (my husband) and asked for exactly the same knife but this time with a girly pink handle that hopefully her husband would not like!

    I just got home from work tonite and Eddie has the knife ready and pictures.

    model XIII (13) Tactical
    154CM Stainless Steel
    Pink G-10 handles, white and black fiber liners
    striker end

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