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Thread: What guns could you not give up?

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    Mar 2010
    Salt Lake City, UT
    I wouldn't want to give up any of my guns. Every gun I've sold I've regretted doing so.

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    Nov 2011
    Santa Monica Ca.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZebDeming View Post
    I'll give you the no smoke thing, but no bang on a big bore air rifle is a myth

    No Bang compared to a Brown Bess .75 cal smooth bore. or the other black powder trade rifles the natives were used to. Read the book.



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    Oct 2009
    N.W. Arkansas
    I keep meaning to buy a nice air gun.


    (formerly mrnewberry)

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    I have an H&R single shot 223 rem 16.5in bull barrel(ejector) with ghost ring sights and 20ga deluxe barrel with screwing in choke tubes that fits the same frame. It is my go to gun, with the 20ga ready most of the time. The 20ga shoots slugs as good as bird shot. The 223 is fun, quick and easy to find ammo for. Lastly my wife can and will shoot them both with confidence.


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    Apr 2010
    stoughton wis
    man i could not and would not give up my sd 40 ve smith &wesson tack driver and 500 rnds and not a hick up, then i become the shotgun guy moss 500 12 & 20 love em. the 12 has smooth bore and the rifled barrel to cover all most everything i would need. long range 308.

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    Aug 2009
    steelville , mo.
    I agree with Drop point NONE OF THEM..... especially the .338 Lapau or my FN 5.7 or any of my 37 firearms Bubba-san

    " If it ain't 6 " long it ain't no tanto"

    25 year Member Japanese sword Society..........Life time member Tenshin Dojo

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