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Thread: darci's is forging for the first time tonight

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    darci Guest

    darci's is forging for the first time tonight

    look at the post "darci is forging for the first time" in knifes dog main forum it's me forging for the first time .dane it is hot doing that, I thought my fingers where going to burn off sometime, I was scared but loved doing it with POPS but thought he would yell at me if I did it wrong, but he didn't he helped me and it was fun almost got done but it was late and I know Pops gets tired at night so i let him have a break,after the ball games tomorrow i'll do more also i almost finished my other knife, handle goes on tomorrow . talk to you tomorrow i'll show pic's of the knife for my teacher
    Darci "Ironarmknives"

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    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    North, South Carolina, United States

    Darci! Those are great pictures of a very pleasing knife shape. Don't you just love the different looks Damascus can take on?? I have seen so many from the random to full-blown designs-- they are just unconscious!

    You are so busy! softball, basketball, knife making, school... don't forget school! You learn so much out side of school too, but the insides count way more to way more people.

    I have told many, many people of what an inspiring young woman you are!

    Now, go rest some-- you've earned it!


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    kmwilliams0902 Guest
    Wow! Miss Lora is right you are on the go girl. Take care of yourself, we don't want you burning out.

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