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Thread: Barlow in Mammoth Ivory

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    Oct 2009
    Erin N.Y. Finger Lakes

    Barlow in Mammoth Ivory

    Barlow in Mammoth Bark Ivory

    Scales - Mammoth Ivory......... Steel - 3/32'' ATS34 RC-59-60

    Bolsters-S.S. Liner-S.S. Spring- ATS-34

    Closed - 3 -1/2 Blade- 2-3/4 Flat Grind ......... Hand Finished.
    Closes dead center .......... Half Stop

    File Work-Top Of Blade and Completely around Liners

    Walk & Talk is , very nice.

    Price-$425 + Shipping

    PayPal only please.

    Thanks for the looking

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    Aug 2010
    Reno NV.
    Ray, a friend of mine wanted me to make him a folder but I am not a folder maker, your Barlow in mammoth is a really well done knife. It is in his price range, could you E- mail him some pictures, if that is not what he wants maybe you can make him what he wants. His name is Frank Jewett frnjewett@aol.com Deane Sweet Thank You

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