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Thread: Little Lady Dogs First Day of School

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    Aug 2009
    Virginia Beach, Va.

    Little Lady Dogs First Day of School

    OK so I am that dad that took her in and took all the pictures. And I loved it! Mia was so excited about school that she woke up at 6am ready to roll. Here is what I got from today....

    It started with me taking some pictures of her at home.

    So then we made it to school......

    It was hard for both of us to let go........

    Enough with the pictures already dad!

    Mia was sad to see daddy go.......

    And then she's on her own.......

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    Sep 2009
    Somerset, KY
    Great pictures! With all those toys and the other kids to play with, she may not want to leave at the end of the day!

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    Aug 2009
    South Central Minnesota
    very nice..
    Tracy Mickley
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    TKC Guest
    Awwwwww, so cute!!! Great pix!!

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    Sep 2009
    Wynne, Ar
    Great pics! She is absolutely adorable.

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    darci Guest
    You go girl, soon we'll have you out on the softball fields ,i bet she's all adjusted to school now ,and your having a hard time holding her back .

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    Well it looks like she held up better than you dad. LOL I was worried all day.


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