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Thread: Yahoooo come ladys lets have fun

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    darci Guest

    Yahoooo come ladys lets have fun

    Yahooo !!!!! POPS just told me about this so i have to make it quick or MOM will come unglued ,its lunch MOM. ok girls now lets show are stuff i'll have my knife done in a week maybe this weekend so lets see them,miss lora,dee.and you other great girls out there , lets get some talking done ,most of all lets show them boys "silly boys knives are for girls"
    Thank you super MOD Guard Dog -GLWJ/CK
    we'll do are best to keep this going Thank you so much , I cant wait to tell all the girls on my softball team what we have done.they can't wait to see my dog tags .and if theres any dads out there please let your girls know ,just maybe we'll get them out making knives with you , my pops and I have lots of fun ,"YOU COULD TO"
    Darci "ironarmknives"

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    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    North, South Carolina, United States
    wow wee
    You had a great idea and we are running with it. Can't wait to see your blade.

    Girl Power!
    Miss Lora

    ps. we've GOT to get us a Lady Dog icon!

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    TKC Guest
    Ya, we DO need a Lady Dog icon.

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