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Thread: Musk Ox Horn For Sale - Batch C

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    Musk Ox Horn For Sale - Batch C

    Batch - C

    If youíre unaware, Musk Ox horn is probably the rarest knife handle material on the planet, actually rarer than Mammoth Ivory for the time being. I donít want to bore you with the governmental restrictions on hunting them but trust me; itís getting very tough to get quality horn. I havenít had to turn to buying Ox horn from out of the country just yet but I see that happening in the near future. Of course that will affect the price quite a bit.

    A couple of weeks ago I took a bunch of Ox horn to the A. G. Russell show in Arkansas. I sold quite a bit and made several makers very happy. I even traded quite a bit with a very famous Damascus maker who was tickled to put it into his arsenal. Recently there has been some bad PR regarding Ox horn and the possibility of it shrinking on your knife. Well, Iíll bet you that Hall of Famer Mr. DíHolder lets it cure before he puts it on his knives and Iíve never heard anyone complaining about his work. I could name other names but I'll leave it at that - if you're patient you will end up with an amazing piece of work that will blow away any of the top of the line more expensive materials.

    To keep it simple Iíve divided it into four batches labeled A, B, C and D which represents different horns that were cut. Each batch will have its own thread where you can see pictures of both sides of each piece.

    Be sure to read the rest of the text below the pictures. Important information.

    Get Ďem while they last. Remember Ė there are TWO pictures per piece, front and back. And FYI, my horn is cut approximately 5/16" thick - see the minimum thickness (height).

    Batch - C

    If youíre familiar with working with sheep horn or even water buffalo horn, then youíre familiar with working with Musk Ox. The key to success using any horn is to allow it to properly cure out. This means it must be dry and most importantly, it must be acclimatized to your shop environment. The majority of sheep and buffalo horn available now has been sitting in a box in some suppliersí warehouse for a long time so it may be able to be used very soon after buying it. My Ox horn was cut on July 1st so it is fairly new horn. Iíd love to offer fully cured horn for sale but whenever I get some, it sells so fast that I donít have time to cure any to sell. I told all the makers at the show that they should let it cure in their shop climate for a minimum of 6 more months or better yet, 9 months. I know that sounds like a long time to have material waiting to be used but I know itís going to sell out quickly and then where will we be 9 months from now? Not putting gorgeous Musk Ox horn on that special knife, I know that.

    The pictures contain the associated measurements and the price per piece. The max length and width are just that Ė remember, the horn is not square like normal knife scales. The Minimum thickness means that it may be a bit thicker on one end or the other but I'm basing pricing on the minimum. Everything but the jagged edge and the bark edge is usable meaning the "tapioca" and the "caramel". If you want ďbook matchĒ simply buy two pieces with an adjoining numbers as I labeled them as I cut them.

    I can fit approximately 4 to 5 pieces into a small flat rate box. Shipping will be $7.60 which will include insurance. If you buy over $200 worth of horn (mix match/all four batches) the shipping is on me.

    My Paypal address is paypal@jarrettknives.com Email me at info@jarrettknives.com if you have any questions.


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