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Thread: Remember this name : Sacha Thiel

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    Remember this name : Sacha Thiel

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Please let me introduce the work of one of our top notch knifemaker named Sacha Thiel. The model below is called Orion. This is a Ti framelock with anodized Ti backspacer and a beadblasted san-mai blade with VG-10 core between 2 layers of damascus steel.
    Fit and finish are PERFECT. His sense of accuarcy and perfection is absolutely stunning. At the time, Sacha is working a lot to deliver some of his custom PPT, a knife that has been co-developped by Fred Perrin, Philippe Perroti and Sacha Thiel.
    The PPT model will also be turned into a production collaboratiion with Spyderco.

    Here is his website : http://www.sthiel.fr

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    Horton Knives Guest
    very cool...............

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    TKC Guest


    That Orion is AWESOME!! I have seen his work on other forums, and really like his style.

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    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    Southern California
    You can go ahead and send me that little bali for the standard evaluation period at which time I will return it. huh1

    Those are some awesome knives. I will put Sacha on my watch list. Thanks! 2thumbs

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    Sweet knives. Couldn't understand the web site. But I like pics.

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    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    South Louisiana
    Several I liked, That first one is really clean tho, nice lines.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum - Flavius Vegetius Renatus

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    And I forgot to tell you this is a bargain regarding the high quality, fit and finish of his knives. You can't go wrong !

    Edit : And if someone needs a translation of a part of his website, please let me know

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    Midnight Guest
    ...And here are my PPTs.
    Large prototype and some picts with the regular for size comparison.


    Both sizes for comparison...

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    More pictures :

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