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KnifeDogs.com Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Rules of KnifeDogs.com

We have some fairly simple rules to follow here on KnifeDogs.com

  • We are "G" rated. We are family friendly.
  • No Porn
  • No Profanity
  • No Drama
  • Non-paid members are limited to 12 sales per year
  • Respect others
  • One account per user. No multiple sign on's or user ID's.

Raffles and Auctions Rules

Raffle and Auction Rules.

Raffles or auctions can be for a worthy cause of your your choice or they can be a way to move out a knife or other knife related item and you get the funds. Moderators for this area are: Bossdog
  • 1. One event at time.
  • 2. Auctions are limited to 7 days. Raffles are limited to 14 days. If the raffle isn't 'filled up' the raffle owner can cancel it and return all funds or figure out a way to have a drawing with less than the full count.
  • 3. Raffle number selection process is to be declared in advance and must be based on a public lottery from somewhere. The numbers have to come from a public lottery that others can verify independently.
  • 4. Fundraisers jump ahead of non-fund raisers. Keep in mind, there may be other fund raisers in line already.
  • 5. You should ask to be put on the list and the list will be kept up and public.
  • 6. Decisions of moderators are final.
  • 7. If you are running a raffle or auction, it is up to you to keep up with it every day through conclusion.
  • 8. You must state the minimum opening bid for an auction and honor it if someone bids the minimum.
  • 9. All raffle numbers are to be assigned in sequence. No one can pick their own number.
  • 10. Raffles are limited to a maximum of 100 slots.
  • 11. You have a choice of 100 or 10 place raffles. I understand the appeal of filling a 100 place raffle but some times a simple 10 place raffle is just as good and will raise the same amount in a very short time. Filling 100 spot raffles is not always easy.
  • 12. All raffles must have clearly defined recipient(s) and clearly defined mechanisms by which said recipient(s) receive donated monies. We require total transparency. In other words, you must state who gets the money and how they will get it and be ready to verify it if asked.
  • 13. Raffle sponsors are not allowed to declare different rules. If a raffle falls outside of these rules, it will be immediately closed until it is straightened out.
  • 14. Forum owners may conduct raffles at any time in their sub-forum they choose. Forum owners are also required to follow rules in regards to transparent number selection such as via public raffles drawings.
  • 15. Any member advertising a drawing or giveaway via KnifeDogs or linking away from KnifeDogs to their own (or another web site), must use a number (winner) selection process that is completely transparent or they may not post any reference to the drawing on KnifeDogs.com This includes a sign up pool of any sort that is not completely visible to the public.
  • Raffle Spot Purchasers: You must post in the thread saying how many spots you are purchasing (and say who they are for, if they're for other people). That way other buyers can see that those spots are taken, if the list has not been updated yet.
You should ask a moderator about pricing your raffle. The moderators are experienced in this and will help you. Generally, the more successful raffles price the total amount of the just under the retail of the item.

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