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09-01-2009, 04:38 PM
... to make room for a new "adoption". CONUS only, please, and no PayPal. USPO MO or a personal check is fine.

First, I have a Northfield UN-X-LD #73 pattern in 1095 & stag. This is the single blade liner lock version. It's a beautiful knife superbly made by GEC. *Note* It does have a very strong backspring. It has seen light carry and use, some sharpening and stropping. There are a few sharpening marks on the blade, but no damage anywhere. Comes in the original tube and oil paper. This one is going for $70.00 shipped and insured. Take $5.00 off if you don't want insurance.

Next, I have a pair of Benchmade 720's. One is a numbered, pre-prod model with a PS ATS34 blade, aluminium scales, and an etched butterfly logo. It comes in a blue BM box but not the original box. It hasn't been carried or used but it was the store's demo for that model. I also have a 721 that has had the blade and clip stonewashed and the scales have been converted to CF. We left the G10 back to the end of the AXIS bar and added CF after that to give it a different look. $80.00 for either one or both for $150.00.

Finally, I have an H & K 14210 that has been modded by Chase Axinn of Chax Knives. The clip has been polished and the G10 scales have been replaced with green jigged bone. The original G10 scales are included with the knife if you want to switch them back. $130.00 for this one.

You can contact me here through KDF if interested.