View Full Version : Another 50% off sale at Black Site Carbon Fiber for 3 days on select CF

11-13-2009, 03:53 PM
I have been pretty ill and spent some time in the hospital recently so I need to offset the enormous bills I have now and just trying to clear out some of the carbon I have most of so I'm having another 50% off sale on select CF.

I am offering a 3 day sale until 12:00pm on 11-16-09. The sale consists of 50% off of my standard black 2x2 twill 670 carbon fiber sheets in the .19" and .3" thicknesses. This is a rare opportunity so please take advantage of it, that's $55.00 a square foot for the .3" and $45.00 a square foot for .19". You can see photo's of this carbon used on knives and close ups of it ground down on my site - www.BlackSiteCF.com. The standard sizes are listed on my site and remember you will be paying only 50% of the listed price.

Please email me directly at sales@blacksitecf.com for any questions and to arrange orders. I am only offering this deal to a few forums so you must contact me directly to order, I'm not setting up a discount through my store. This is the real deal, please see previous posts here on knifedogs and testimonials from my site to hear what other knifemakers think of the product. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding working with the material, I realize it's expensive material and can be a little intimidating to work with but it really is simple, handles a lot like G10 but I think a little easier. I look forward to hearing from you.