View Full Version : A.R.S. Utility Folder GAW!!

11-03-2009, 07:43 PM
Thats right,.. here on Knifedogs in 1 week, we are giving away a Utility Folder.
It will be a drawing style gaw,as thats the fairest way of holding it.

THIS is an announcement thread , but NO NUMBERS POSTED HERE will be taken, follow the link below to enter please folks.

So get in early , choose between 001 and 999, one to a customer , closest number chosen to the Louisiana pick three lottery game of TUESDAY NOV 10,WITHOUT GOING OVER, will win it. I will announce the winner on the following afternoon ,WED NOV 11 .

Nothing like a free tactical folder in time for Christmas.
If Santa doesnt bring you what you want---A.R.S will !!
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