View Full Version : Ken Hurst engraved Bark River bowie....

11-01-2009, 08:09 AM
As promised....a few pics of the Bark River Bowie that Ken Hurst put his touch on. The knife was raffled off by Bill Coye and Ken donated his masterful engraving skills and thanks to 45Warrior....I won it.

Hopefully you can get an idea from the pics how awesome Ken's work is. Ken turned it around real quick and even though I wasn't a paying customer, gave me a call when he was close to being done to let me know how it was going. His work made this already nice knife something really special.

check it out....






Thanks for looking.


11-01-2009, 08:51 AM
Absolutely stunning work once again! Great job Ken.

11-01-2009, 09:08 AM
:eek:Very Nice!!2thumbs

Denny Eller
11-01-2009, 09:33 AM
Beautiful work, Ken. You never stop amazing me with your craft.

Chris Martin
11-01-2009, 09:43 AM
Thanks for the pics Martin. Ken, your a genius, this is all things Awesome.

Nice score MO.


11-01-2009, 10:09 AM
Ken done that Barkie proud!!! 2thumbs cool 1 2thumbs

11-01-2009, 11:33 AM
Thanks for the pictures MO. Great lookin knife!

Bill Coye
11-01-2009, 11:53 AM
Thanks for sharing Martin. That's a keeper for sure.

We all know it's gone to a good home.

I would also like to mention that MO chose the Texas Childrens Hospital to receive the proceeds of the raffle to the tune of $500.00. Awesome choice.

Everyone was a winner on this deal!

A big Thank You to Mr. Ken Hurst for his timeless artistic donation. Our little community can have a big impact when we all work together.