View Full Version : Walter Brend Knives are back and very sweet

02-03-2012, 03:20 PM
Brend knives have gone back into making some of the nicest auto's & manual folders I've seen in some time. They just made a M2 which is an auto and is really priced properly under $400 has a Mirror Satin finish his #2 grind & being made with the total of only 50 knives it really looks to be a HP finish and Satin flats. Glad to see he is back making his own and not with another collaboration that will burn him. He also made a Marauder folder with Ti handles, IKBS and CF inserts again resonably priced.
I just got my M2 and it is sweet need to take some pics of it to post. But take a look and you will be presently surprised.
Thought you folks might want to know.