View Full Version : Recipients of Hometown Hero Knives Thread

Bill T
01-30-2012, 09:35 PM
As far as names go , this is what we're looking at ..

First on the list are a few guys who are deployed .. I can't name them , so I'll just name their knifemaker ..

Maxcutter - 5 knives needed .. He's doing 3 , so he needs 2 more .. first 2 done by anyone go to him ..
Randy Haas has a local boy recently deployed ... since he's doing 3 , he's got that covered ..

Next up with a name we have ... D. Douglas , Uncle Billy , Patrick and Josh Dabney with 2 .. anyone I missed ?
After that , I have a list that numbers almost 30 . Since I'm only making 3 , I'll be needing a few .. So the bulk of the finished knives will come to me ...

I'll start a list of names off with a few Hometown Heroes I've met , all Marines ... They have all given permission to use their names .. At this time these men are all waiting for a knife ..

PFC B. Simpson
PFC A. Jeleruk
Pvt A. Vigo
Pvt J. Tan
PFC Z. Dempsey
PFC K. Martin
Pvt West
PFC Willson
PFC Jose
PFC Colon
PFC Gonzalez
Pvt Lorys
PFC Lacativa
Pvt R. Gomez

I'll have the rest of the names up after this first half of the list has received knives ..

Josh Dabney
01-31-2012, 08:05 AM
As Bill mentioned I do have recipeints for my two knives. Although I haven't seen my two "little" cousins in 10 years give or take I guess they're all grown up now. They are brother and sister and both have joined the Army recently.

William is a 13 Bravo Cannon Crewmember and is currently stationed at Ft. Stewart Ga.

Chelsey unfortunately broke her ankle during Basic Training the first go round and has been layed up healing before heading back to basic. I'm not positive but she may be back in Basic now.

Here's a pic of them both with their other sister-

I thought the Hometown Hero build would be the perfect way to show my thanks for their descision to serve our country and let'em know how proud of them I am. Once the knives are completed I'll get them to their owners ASAP and hope to at least get a pic of each with their knives.

Thanks for letting me participate in another great build fellas ! -Josh