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Chuck Gedraitis Knives
10-16-2009, 08:42 AM
The blade is 3-1/4 inches of Eggerling Mosaic damascus. The 3 blade pulls are 14K gold. The front and rear bolsters are also Eggerling mosaic damascus and the scales are Pen shell. The shell is dark but sometimes looks like tortoise shell. Fully fileworked liners, backbar and screws. The screws have been heat colored gold and the titanium liners and titanium backbar anodized bronze/gold in color. The bolsters and blade have been hot blued to bring out the pattern. The bolsters have more pattern not seen in the picture that is a darker steel and almost ghostlike in the bolster. Overall length is 7-1/2 inches. This is also a thin knife at about 1/4 thick overall.

Knife Info
Full Length 7-1/2 inches
Blade Length 3-1/4 inches
Blade Material Eggerling Mosaic Damascus
Handle Material Pen Shell
Bolsters/Guard Eggerling damascus bolsters and titanium liners
Knife Price $1250 shipped.

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Chuck Gedraitis Knives
11-27-2009, 05:25 AM
Black Friday sale of $1025 shipped!