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12-10-2011, 07:00 AM
Ok well I am hting at 1095 blade. I hted it like i normally do which is bring it to 1525 let it soak for 5 min and quience in salt brine. well this time i pulled it out of the brine and it was curved bad. well I read that you could straiten it during tempering process so I tempered it at 450 for 2 hours.While it was still hot I then clamped it to a straight surfaace with a shim to allow it to bend slightly the opposite direction. well I unclamped it and it was still warped bad. so I decided to redo the whole process. I heated it to 1525 and let it cool in the ht oven. I then heated to 900 and straightened the lade and put it back in thte oven until it reached 1525 and let it cool in the oven again. Now I need to know what my next process would be in order for this not to happen again. I think the reason this happened in the first place and did not for any other was I had to heat the blade during the grinding process in order to give the customer the forged look he wanted. To do this I heated the blade to 1600 pulled it out and hammered on it. I did this 4 times. well I guess I forgot to normalize after that because I never included this in the process before. So If someone can help me with the next steps I would appreciate it.

Doug Lester
12-10-2011, 10:31 AM
I think that you hit on it (no pun intended). You probably did set up some stresses when you applied the hammer finish to the blade. Go back an normalize 2-3 times to allow the crystal boundries to reform and try again. The irregular surface and thickness form the hammered finish will also cause a problem with uneven cooling becuause you will be having steel crystals changing phase at different rates in different spots. If you were using oil you could attempt to marquench but you can't do that with a water based quenchant. I'm not even sure that you could heat a rapid quenching oil to the required temperature without the risk of combustion. A slower oil that you could heat to the required temperature, just above Ms, might not quench the 1095 rapidly enough, depending on the manganese content.