View Full Version : pumpkin pie micarta and W1 fighter

Andrew Takach
10-12-2009, 08:00 AM
not sure what the actual color for this micarta is, last time i used it i called it butterscotch, but then i noticed little brown specks in it kinda reminded me of pumpkin pie, since it is that time of year and all.

anyway, ill have to update with specs tomorrow, but i forged this from 5/16'' w1 i got from aldo. it has a full tapered tang, which i forged most of the way in, and it is flat ground.

it's not quite done in the pics, but close enough i wanted to show it. the hamon didnt come out as well as expected, though it tried to, meaning when etched i could see a very sweet hamon, but it was faint above the bold line, i believe this is due to the quench time. i have to invest in a faster quench, and i think ill beable to really make them hamons dance:p





Gary B
10-12-2009, 08:42 AM
Andrew ... Looking good sir. You should be able to quench the W1 in water with a little care. Normalize the blade a couple times then clay it up and heat to just barely non-magnetic with no soak time. Quench in warm water and hold it still. Don't move it around in the quench.

Try it with a smaller test blade first then go for it. You wil always lose a little of the hamon activity as you grind/polish the blade down.
Good luck and keep at it. 2thumbs

Andrew Takach
10-12-2009, 08:50 AM
thanks, will try that. i may heat treat a couple today, if so i "MAY" try the water quench, ive done it in the past with very little success, but i am very tempted to do so , as i know the results are worth while if it works out>........"fingers crossed";)