View Full Version : Christmas knife builds. My secret project coming out.

08-16-2011, 09:45 PM
I've been looking at a project, too.

I'm still nervous about putting this out, since I haven't got enough blades done yet to really commit myself. I have 3 large and one small heat treated and in various stages of handles, with 8 more to heat treat this week. Once I have 10 or more complete and ready to ship, I'll work on the actual plan for moving them out. I am on track on paper for 50.

What this is, is my answer to the occasional requests for how I'd do a keppie. Combined with my goal to get a Christmas project to get some knives to deployed troops. One of my friends just got back, and has a brother just deploying, so his unit is up on my list.

FKU(K): Field Knife, Utility (Koyote)

My design criteria involved a spearpoint, broad bladed, with an easily maintained edge and a rock hard handle. Various persons who have deployed gave me suggestions- the broad spearpoint is one of them, as is the handle with a little guard and a nearly indestructable material. It had to be something I'm good at doing fairly quick (1/8 inch scandivex), easily maintained (1/8 inch scandivex), stout enough for use, but utilitarian.

The blade length on this is 5.5 inches with an overall length of 10 3/4 inches. It's 1080 steel, full quench and temper, with a spine draw down. The handle is the carmel micarta that I've been picking up, which is just impossible stuff to kill. It's also incredibly hard to work, and comes .51 inches thick, so if I'm willing to chew up some 60 grit belts I can get the handle done fast, but it's not as fast as using 3/8 canvas micarta. Oh, well, compromise. Pins are carbon steel as well so they can be blued to match the tang and spine.

I wanted a military design, but I also know I'm not going to make a Gerber, I'm going to make a Koyote, so I pushed back on some ideas for things that just aren't me. It's a solid piece- 305 grams - with much of my traditional look and feel.

I did choose the dogbone handle and longer blade for desperation reasons- while this is not a combat knife, any knife is a fighter if you have it and need it. I'd trust this one just fine.

I am still debating the sheath. I don't do kydex, don't plan to start, and think I'd be fine with a standard explorer model sheath with snap retention. However, the possibility of grabbing someone out in Utah to do sheaths for these in kydex looms strong in my mind. Of course, the minor logistical problem remains that every knife I make is done without pattern or marking, and every sheath will have to be formed individually.

I'm also looking at ways to get these into the hands of the poor Army guys in question- I've been debating between a donation bucket via my website (and my forum if permitted), and making some of them as matched pairs with one selling for double price and going to the donor and the other going to the soldier.

Anyhow, FKU(K) (they are all different, but this is the first one photographed)