View Full Version : First Liner Lock WIP Pics

Frank Aguirre
10-07-2009, 08:58 PM
I had the honor to have Don Robinson of Brownsville, TX let me use his shop and took the time to walk me through building a liner lock his way. I need alot of equipment to make these and will probably not be into folders for a while at least. I still need alot of work to finish this knife. I was working in the Brownsville area and could visit Don regularly. Now I am working around two hours from his shop and have not had a chance to go back an visit. He is a great guy and I am very greatfull to him. If you guys that know him didn't know is is a heck of an artist with pastels. Well here is the liner lock pics. I think I need to think about how to procede. I still need to install the thumb stud, HT and finish the entire thing.


10-07-2009, 09:18 PM
Looking good. Keep the pics coming as you go.

Frank Niro
10-10-2009, 01:10 PM
Frank. I too think Don is a wonerful guy and a grreat knife maker and I haven't even been to his shop. Then again we have something in common and that is our age which is the same but only a month or so different.
I want to suggest the way I would do it. If you can remove the scales and grind on the bolsters without them moving then that's how I would go. Take off the scales and separate the liners. Otherwise leave the scales on but separate the liners. Go with a sharp 60 grit belt to grind the bolster by holding it across the flat platen. Get both sides down to a place you believe will work for your near finished size. Go over these with sharp 120 and 400. I create a shape on these that is tapered from the front to the back . This wouldn't need to be much on short bolsters as these. A burr will be formed. Take a piece of metal with a sharp edge and with care scrap the bevel off. Now intall the scales and go back to the 120,and then the 400 for the scales. Just going to the 400 will not do it. You want a nice flat line where the bolsters and scales meet. then place the liner, bolster, scale, in a vise on top of a bar that the vise holds. I have one that is a square tube that will turn 360. What I do here iis clamp a 3/8" X 10" long flat bar in there that is 1" wide that for about half the length is about 5/8" wide. I now clamp the liner bolster, scale piece on top of this with a "C" clamp on one end. Now I start at 400 again with some very stiff backing from some hard rubber floor matting. I do the bolster end first and the swing it for back end. I mbe;ieve that when you can sand from the hardest material to the softest. Sure wish I could do pictures for you Frank !!! I hope this helps. I'm here for any more. By the way my rotating vise is mounted on the bench so that it's just below chest high.
Another Frank