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Chris Martin
10-06-2009, 08:11 AM
I just had to thank these guys for really stepping up and helping a RC knife maker get a little confidence! I have not worked with metal/steel since my freshman year in HS welding class. Its good to finally be back......16 years later....lol

List as follows...TM for bringing this site to life and its members to help it grow!!

Martin Olexey:
For recomending Wayne Goddards $50 KS and my first few custom knives!!! And I cant forget to mention his WIP threads. Just a cool azz dude!

Bill Coye:
For the willingness to let me ask a million different questions and still not tell me to go Frack myself...hehe His WIP threads inspired the hell out of me as well. Wont forget the band saw blades you started me off with. Got started with the grinder this weekend and can say I need a lot of practice...haha I will have to try and make it down this winter and run a REAL GRINDER!!! Now get back to work on them folders/frame locks buddy.

Rudy Joly
For taking me under his wing and hookin a bro up with a fat care package and is making me my first forge......Hell of a guy that Rudy, yes bro....I still have plenty questions for you too...Now that your done with that forge.....get back to what you do best brother....;-)

Stephan Fowler
For the nice bundle of steel/wood to get me started. Your blades take on an art form and can only hope to be forging my own blades one day......Get back with you in about 3-4 years on that one though...lol Thank you sir!!

Stabber AKA Stabba Dabba
For always sending me pics of them Siska's and other wicked customs you have lurking in every corner of the house. Ricky has a little something up his sleeve, but I will not say what......

Dan Seaver
For a lot of good info at getting myself started in this knife making game. A big thank you sir!!!

For stepping up to hook a bro with some goods. I hope your feeling better buddy, need to finish up that WIP thread for our viewing pleasure. Oh and take more pics of that machinery!!!

I am sure I have left a few good folks out. This is just me showing I truly appreciate the help you guys have given me. Sometimes the world seems a bit harsh then all of the sudden people pop up in your life and make that change. Its good to know there are still plenty of good folks out there. Thank you all for the help and support!

KnifeDogs.com is a machine growing out of control....Gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys/gals rock!

Thank you all for letting me ramble on.....All you other makers out there, Keep them WIP's coming!!!


Jeff Pearce
10-07-2009, 03:18 PM
Now get busy making knives....and post some pictures..2thumbs

Chris Martin
10-07-2009, 03:43 PM
I am working on it brother.

I did notice I bought way too many finish belts and not enough hog's....:cool:

I went through one 50 grit belt on 3 band saw blades this weekend that Bill sent me.

Think I am going to take Rudy's advice and stock up on some 36/40 and more 50's.

I am going to love this man....just playing with them thin band saw blades I got to see why you guys love this.

Once I get more 36 etc belts, the fun will begin on some beastly steelsharpen1

see ya around Jeff.