View Full Version : For Sale - Tools Mini Anodized Ti PRYBARS

09-28-2009, 09:47 PM
EDIT: One is SOLD. First one to go is the one top left 4th over from left to right. The olive green one with the camo cord. Gone already!

Two on the bottom with fancy cord wrap anodized blue and green are gone.

Brown w/brown cord is gone. (third from the left top left)

Far left top purple and purple is sold

Far right second to last from the end green on green is sold.

I've been asked about these for some time now. Finally got around to making up some today. I actually made 22 of them but 13 are spoken for already. One of the ten remaining is on hold. I don't know which one the gentleman will want. I suppose what ever one doesn't sell here and if he doesn't like the color I'll bead blast it and do it again I guess. huh1

Anyway, these are $20 shipped out. They are all .090 thickness titanium, bead blasted after cutting them and drilling them out, bending them and then etched for about 30 seconds each and finally anodized various colors and cord wrapped. Some of these (the tighter woven ones :o) were tied by my wife.

This is what I have guys. Call it 9 available. Pick from what you see here. Pay pal preferred at my STRsbackyardknifeworksatgmail.com address but don't forget to use the @ sign in place of 'at' oh, and checks are ok if I know ya or money orders or heck cash is fine. And don't forget to add $1.25 to cover the pay pal fee for me. First I'll take it gets one until gone. These are quite handy for some folks, especially in the office, or other work places and/or gatherings where sheeple friendly attire is needed. 2thumbs