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11-02-2010, 12:43 PM
I just received two gallons of the McMaster 11 sec and did a couple of tests tonight. I have been having problems with getting 1095 hard, so I kind of abandoned it (I pretty much use O-1). The only problem is that is what I use in my damascus (1095 and 15N20). I recently bought a hardness tester so I can experiment a little now. I was kind of skeptical because just last night I read the whole "quench wars" post and the results were bothersome. They sounded like the results I was getting with my current quenchants. I had just recently tried canola oil, atf, Texaco Type A and water. Only the water did all right in that little experiment.
My test was as follows. I HT'd all pieces like I do my O-1. 1500 deg (kiln), soak for 8-10 minutes, and then quench (I am sure someone will disagree with soaking, but anyway...). The oil was heated to 120F.
The piece of 1095 came out in the neighborhood of 57-61. The tests were taken in a variety of spots.
The two pieces of my damascus came out in near the same range. (one piece didn't harden as well though, and I am not sure why)
I also threw a piece of O-1 in there just to see what would happen. It came out in the low 60's. I have gotten the best results with canola oil on my O-1. I tried the Texaco Type A and they were in the mid to high 50's. I usually get low to mid 60's with the canola oil. (I already know about the pearlite and all that. I also know it is not a commercial quencant. It is made to fry with. It's just what I got).
Maybe this will help out with buying quenchants for steel like 1095. The guy I ordered it from was pleasant and it was here in just a couple days. Shipping to CO was a little less than $9. I would have rather ordered Parks 50, but we have all read the posts!

By the way, after first looking at the McMaster 11, it looked used. It is very dark, smells a little like old engine oil and it even had sediment at the bottom of the jug. Maybe I got some once used return stuff LOL. First impressions of the old motor oil are decent as of now though.

One more thing. This is more of a frustration. Absolutely no offense Tracy. These bigger knife supply companies sometimes don't carry things you would think they would. For example, I needed small drill bits for torx screws and colorant for expoxy. Jantz has all the bits and screws, but no colorant. TKS has the colorant and torx screws, but no small drill bits for tapping the tang for the screws. Weird! I try to make the most out every order when shipping is usually $10+.
O.K., enough complaining for now.

busted knuckles
11-16-2010, 10:37 AM
The dark black color is from the tar. I can get better results on 1095 with a two sec dip into brine and then finish in the Mcmaster-11 but I recommend using something faster with more control.