View Full Version : one of those days

Brett Long
09-17-2009, 04:37 PM
ever had one of those days when nothing good happens. first thing this morning i had a radiator blow up and covered me in coolant. thank god it wasn't hot. cleaned up from that disaster. now a few hours after lunch i was helping another tech take a oil pan off of an old land cruiser and it popped right off, but he did not drain the oil. now i have eight quarts of oil all over me and my boots are soaked all the way through to the socks. what a day i think i am going home early:eek:

Mark Behnke
09-19-2009, 06:16 PM
Works been slow for me, I'm a one man shop electrical contractor. Slow like check the phone to make sure it hasn't been disconnected for the past month.

Things will pick up when the phone book comes out, so a call comes in for a arc fault breaker that won't hold. A retired electrician wired a new addition but can't figure it out, so over I go. The house is unoccupied so I take a quick look inside and go back to the truck for some tools, and a neighbor lady comes up and asks... "will what you're doing effect my house?"... "no".... "well, I don't have any power"

Go check the house. No Power. Can't trouble shoot.:(:mad:

Explains why all the traffic signals were out on my way over.:eek:

I guess I need to start slow... can you show up?... can you find the job?

Two for two so far . next time I'll solve the problem:D