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  1. Little Tactical Folder- Video
  2. Knife Videos
  3. No Weld Grinder walk through..
  4. KMG Grinder video
  5. Hollow Grinding Knife Making by Jim Moyer
  6. Tactical Folder- Wild Texturing
  7. Knife Crazied Butterfly Tricks
  8. T.A. DAVISON Slip Joint Knives
  9. J Neilson demonstrates sharpening on a belt sander
  10. Stock Removal Knife Making
  11. forging titanium into a knife
  12. Documentary on youtube
  13. A Couple of Blade Forging Videos.
  14. My Homemade Grinder..
  15. Credit Card Tactical in Action
  16. Tactical in Action, Full sized.
  17. Folder Tutorial, Pivot, Lock Bar.
  18. Filming some new videos.....what would you like to see??
  19. Grinding with the Bubble Jig. video
  20. Steve Lindsay Knife Engraving Videos
  21. The Rockeye Video
  22. Some flat grinding video
  23. making a birch bark canoe the old fashioned way
  24. Knife throwing
  25. Cleaning up a hand-rubbed finish...
  26. Video Review... This is a good Video!
  27. Ice Storm Knife Review
  28. A WIP Dagger, with VIDEO
  29. Balisong Video French Balisong Association (AFB) and mine
  30. My old Knives throwing video
  31. "How To" full tang knife assembly DVD
  32. Old Skool Axe Rehandling
  33. Bubble Jig basics 1 & 2 Video
  35. My first flipper!
  36. Grinding a false edge on a big fighter using the Bubble Jig.
  37. Tomahawk Forging
  38. My new KMG grinder
  39. Forge Fired UP - Video
  40. New Narmer Battle Cat
  41. Knife sharpening using the Bubble Jig.
  42. Our own Eddie White of Shadow Knives grinding a blade.
  43. 2X4 world record cut
  44. knife test to destruction
  45. the testing continues video
  46. Martin "How To" Stick Tang Handle Construction
  47. my videos- I hope you like them
  48. Don Cowles Television Interview
  49. Rambo United Cutlery, and original Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben movie knife comparisons.
  50. What makes stainless steel, "stainless"?
  51. Making Steel
  52. MIT machine shop videos
  53. My first G rated video... knife pimpage
  54. Grinding folder blades with the Bubble Jig.
  55. Sharpening on a horizontal disc grinder.
  56. Recent leather rigs
  57. Sharp!
  58. First public customer review-Practical Field Mod.
  59. Michael Morris on Michigan Out of Doors
  60. How Gil Hibben grinds his blades.
  61. Interesting Video
  62. Documentary of Knifemaker Eddie White
  63. Making a huge custom
  64. Cutting knife scales using a miter saw---safely.
  65. Knife making Silverman HD
  66. Firesteel Demonstration with the G6-Survival Knife
  67. Two Shorts I had made for my websites etc..
  68. Has anyone ever seen a knife like this before? Most unique folding action I've seen.
  69. Hot-bluing
  70. Quick little press movie
  71. Making my red/black twist "MikeCarta"
  72. Making my denim blue jean "MikeCarta"
  73. Etching Damascus
  74. Making a simple guard
  75. The advantages of Three Point Grinding.
  76. Poor Mans Knife Sander
  77. John Neeman WIP Video
  78. Bubble Jig--false edge grinding--2013
  79. Bushcrafter and hunter.
  80. Knife grinding on 20" wheel
  81. DSK upgrade and now in N690 with the DSK Mini
  82. Martin Forging DVD
  83. D2 test blade
  84. Interesting Factory Video
  85. $0.46 Knife Maker's Device
  86. Cutting test videos
  87. AEB-L cutting test
  88. Knife of the ball from the bearing
  89. First Production knife Review
  90. AEB-L cutting test - with sub zero quench
  91. AEB-L test
  92. 1095 Rust/Corrosion testing
  93. Shop-built small wheel attachment and wheel set
  94. Shave your arm, who else has bald arms?
  95. Grinding a knife
  96. knife review video
  97. The double hollow grind.
  98. Stop Loss Bags
  99. Death Wobble-Belt Break
  100. Spark Bong/Dust Collector
  101. Scalloped Grinder Belts
  102. I Surprised Myself with this One!
  103. A Woody!
  104. Getting my new (old) surface grinder home...
  105. 1st slip joint completed
  106. Easy fix for broken tip
  107. Making kitchen knife from a old file
  108. Link to a video with my FIRST TWO knives ive ever made, as well as 5 tips
  109. A quick and easy How to Video on mosaic Pins!
  110. Hundreds of knives in this music video from Undskyld!
  111. #rd homemade knife. love it if you checked it out. Thanks!