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  1. new stuff
  2. Happy Birthday! Steven Janik
  3. Pewter skull givaway
  4. These are some of the billet going up one tonight
  5. Frankallen--you are a winner.
  6. Some of you may recall....................................
  7. 16" billet
  8. Harbor Freight Band Saw
  9. Knife from my Great Granddad
  10. Ivory Piano Keys
  11. 11" of 120 layer billet up for grabs give it a try
  12. And the "DOGGIE" goes to.........
  13. What do ya guys thank??
  14. 180 layer billet Take a Chance
  15. Does this make sense?
  16. 18" Long .252 thick
  17. Skype contacts
  18. 1986 Kershaw Damascus Dagger from Solingen
  19. A very sad day.
  20. Give-Away! Stacked leather washer set
  21. Memphis Gun and Knife Show Feb 26-27... Anybody going?
  22. AKA Shop Visit @ UALR 12 March
  23. Give Away for Buck 110 owners..Buk Bar or Kwik Stud..10 winners
  24. the start of a good thing
  25. light colored birds eye
  26. Weird dream last night... and Les George was in it...
  27. Badger Knife Show
  28. Waiting to be sharpened
  29. Guys,please accept my apology
  30. Heya!
  31. Seriously Guys
  32. Back to work
  33. Ernie gets New Pants.....
  34. Ed Fowler in Blade
  35. Harley Davidson Damascus Hammer
  36. Knife Dogs at Pasadena Knife Show in Cali.
  37. Progressive grinding or whats your angle.
  38. Website just got updated
  39. Had a BIG SCARE.....
  40. K. Herring fighter, comments welcome!
  41. My own opinion
  42. Emergency Call for Help
  43. Wed Night Knife Chat
  44. Anyone going to "Parkers Greatest Knife Show"?
  45. Bloodline
  46. Check Out our New Forum
  47. Who's all going to Batson's?
  48. Mobile-Horizontal V.S. reversable disc grinder.
  49. Completed another one
  50. Frank Niro in Blade Magazine.
  51. Grandpa's Old knife.
  52. I am a knife maker!!!!!!
  53. :Help With Company History of Sheffield Knife:
  54. Graphic artist help
  55. Ernie's First Passaround
  56. Texas Knife Show April 2-3
  57. Tracker in progress! Hamon anyone?
  58. the big one at tulsa
  59. Knife Vises
  60. Purchased My First custom Folder
  61. Florida Knifemakers Association Annual Knife Show Oct 1 & 2 2011
  62. Personal Dilema Knife
  63. Check out "Pay It Forward"
  64. Gun and Knife Show in Wallingford CT
  65. Favorite Scale Material for EDC Folder
  66. My New SFC C-1 Custom Folder Just Arrived! Pics Included...
  67. Oregon Knife Show this weekend - You don't want to miss this show
  68. Anyone in portland want to split fuel costs to the Eugine knife show?
  69. AG Russel show
  70. So I've been sitting on this for over a month...
  71. 25 lb Little giant
  72. looking for input on 80gallon air compressor
  73. Need to step up my game a bit...
  74. Twisted damascus thanks to Bob
  75. March of Dimes Charity Raffle, win this knife!!!
  76. The things we do for love... Also a wood quiz!
  77. Where to get a KnifeDog Tee Shirt?
  78. Darci ,and IronArm tattoo's for a skinner OK !!!!!
  79. Don't Try This at Home!
  80. need abit of help here
  81. Knife club ????
  82. Saved from the shop stove.
  83. We've moved...Midwest Knifemakers Supply,llc
  84. I'm still alive..
  85. Im still alive and kickin
  86. My first WIP Mosaic damascus "Sujihiki"
  87. Coye Knives "On The Move" Into Blade Magazine
  88. burned knives
  89. Ernie's Elmax Build and Test!!!
  90. Knife Show Mystic,Conn - Mystic Hilton 4/30-5/1
  91. Shipping a Linerlock to Italy
  92. Looking for a knifemaker class somewhere near southern California
  93. Another Happy Camper
  94. Smoke and prayes for our friends and fellow knifemakers down south.
  95. The winner of the 2011 MOD Charity knife is!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Free! (hahaha) New KnifeDogs.com (and USAknifemaker.com) Business cards to hand out
  97. Reminder: we are a "G" rated forum.
  98. Mystic show-what i learned
  99. Once a Dagger now a letter opener LOL.
  100. Guess What..........I had my first interview
  101. Blade Show VIP Tickets up for grabs
  102. Confirmation That KnifeDogs Are the BEST!
  103. Does anyone know Daniel Prentice? And where to buy a Japanese Forging hammer?
  104. Question on my first frame lock.
  105. Slip Lock gauge
  106. another military give-a-way almost done !!!!!
  107. Best Groom's Cake Ever
  108. KnifeDogs & Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc 1st Annual Hammer-In 1st weekend August
  109. Dagger design help please
  110. BKS Knifeshow Gembloux 2011
  111. Darci's FIRST knife up for grabs + a little skinner neck knife
  112. Looks like we have another lanyard maker in the pound :)
  113. Sneak peak at darci's "my" # 9 knife
  114. Congratulations to Marvin Winn (Max Cutter Knives)
  115. Lookie what the nice UPS man brought me today!
  116. Need help with changing thread title
  117. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!
  118. Prayers for Joplin Missouri
  119. been a long time.
  120. throwing in one 2" x 18" 1/4" A2
  121. Blade Show 2011 Preview
  122. Recommendations for a fall show?
  123. Elmax WIP and Compare
  124. Injection rubber moulding
  125. Big Blue gets a new cylinder.
  126. Memorial Day Salute
  127. The new Skull beads
  128. Delbert Ealy Mokume Rings
  129. Carbon Fiber Durability?
  130. Great stencils Ernie !!!
  131. Elmax Test from the Raffle
  132. Blade-smiths around Fresno/visalia area?
  133. Vise GAW
  134. all most done military gift
  135. A different look at the Knife Princess
  136. protecting bead blasted blades.
  137. Difference between camp knife and bowie
  138. first knife design.
  139. If your interested??
  140. Mini Mill Project
  141. WIP polish 2 new blades
  142. I made it to Blade!
  143. Mamba Death
  144. first knifes at blade... sold
  145. Showtime for newbie!
  146. Who are the new MS JS
  147. My first Blade Show - Definitely not my last
  148. The Next Big Show, AG Russell Knife Event 2011
  149. New scale material
  150. Patent issued.
  151. Congratulations to Billy Helton
  152. Some WIP Pics
  153. New son is here
  154. ugly frog billet up for grabs
  155. Happy fathers day
  156. Hammer In and Folder In
  157. Looking for a photographer
  158. Hook -Eye sanding belt
  159. AG Russell Knife Event
  160. Folder Pattern - *SPOILER ALERT* - This is a wordy post
  161. Show us your grinder thread on British Blades.
  162. Is there a lawyer in the pack?
  163. Hey guy's check this out please....
  164. Hello to all and my first question...
  165. new meber showing his stuff...
  166. taft pierce surface grinder
  167. KnifeDogs University Tee Shirts! Support your local knife making University!
  168. Wrought iron,and Purple Heart,give away
  169. First Razor WIP
  170. Thanks to Bruce Meyer
  171. Looking for some opinions on suppliers
  172. Due to a series of unfortunate events
  173. Need CAD software for waterjetting
  174. Happy 4th of July!
  175. 4th of July - What did you do?
  176. New Guy needing some help
  177. Where have they gone?
  178. My Newest Knife
  179. Best wife ever!!
  180. Two more for this week.
  181. New Burl Source Interactive Website
  182. Knifemakers Society?
  183. Check out the auction-raffle forum.. American valor knife raffles....
  184. My first knife from scratch...sort of
  185. Darci's softball "we need jersey's " Knife
  186. Bubble Jig - thanks Fred!
  187. My favorite new/old handle material.
  188. My celtic knife
  189. Meet our AMERICAN VALOR OUTDOORS candidate.
  190. Wall of Honor
  191. Stormbringer
  192. Commercial stabilizing set up
  193. Texans in the Dallas area
  194. My Latest South Texas Bushwakers
  195. RIP Blackie Collins
  196. Jim Crowell Cutting Demo
  197. Top 20 Hunting exhibitions?
  198. In less than 24 hours...
  199. Here are a few I have made recently
  200. Good All Around Steel
  201. tippmann boss
  202. Knife made for my wife
  203. Would this band saw be appropriate?
  204. Finishing up stabilized wood in an oven?
  205. great water jet service!
  206. Strongest Epoxy On The Planet
  207. A Little something i'm working on
  208. My AG's Knife Event Spoils
  209. Spirit of steel show
  210. USAknifemaker.com/KnifeDogs Hammer in Pictures...
  211. Curtiss Knives "CONVICTED" flipper
  212. Thick 360 layer billet $1.50
  213. Ron clairborne hammer in
  214. In Memory and gratitude - religious-
  215. "CONVICTED" linerlock
  216. American Valor Knife
  217. How did you...
  218. Dog gone
  219. We should have a Knifedogs android app.
  220. Troy Ohio Hammer In
  221. Prayer request
  222. What I've been doing instead of making knives
  223. Brother in law's birthday knife
  224. Can we have a favicon?
  225. Check out the raffle forum
  226. a knife for a friend's father in law
  227. Just started my fillet knife project
  228. Please Check Military Forum - New Build Info
  229. Android app for knife dogs.com here!
  230. Finally broke down and did it, got myself a mini mill
  231. ABS Introduction To Bladesmithing September 12-23
  232. I know many of you have electrical knowledge... help!
  233. American Valor donated folders from our Hammer/Folder in Voorhies and Johnson
  234. T.J. Yancey
  235. CPM 154 or Elmax?
  236. The difference between Quilted and Curly Maple - Large pics
  237. Antler hammer/CANE w/ hidden knife build.
  238. Plastic for knife templates
  239. Knifemakers Guild Show Louisville Ky. Sept. 15-18
  240. best way to heat a shop?
  241. Decisions, decisions, decisions
  242. Design and Feedback Wanted for "Hometown Hero Military Build"
  243. spot welding bolsters
  244. Never will iI use
  245. Need full time work? Repair pocket knives
  246. 7th Annual Fox River Knife Rendezvous
  247. Notable Knives from the 2011 PKA Show in Denver
  248. Try not to miss me!!
  249. How do you hang/sort your belts?
  250. Military knife build