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  1. Wannamaker Gun Show- Tulsa, Oklahoma
  2. I'll be down a few days......Prayers needed
  3. Thank You All !
  4. I may have finally found some wrought?
  5. Calling all dogs!
  6. Need some work done on an old knife
  7. New Pewter skulls. What do you think...
  8. Shreveport LA Hammer Inn Nov. 13, All Invited
  9. Mailbox delight! pic heavy
  10. Rope Cutting competition -- what are the rules, best designs, steels, etc?
  11. Gun and Knife Show Oct.30 and 31
  12. knife blanks
  13. Happy birthday Dave Curtiss
  14. Black Palm is a PAIN to work
  15. Sealed with CA
  16. cutting titanium ?
  17. Uh Oh, Wayne's Back
  18. pocken holt
  19. Prayers and any help needed
  20. Need Help with Old Randalls
  21. Semi WIP, have questions, need some opinions
  22. hidden tang question
  23. Where do you buy CPM steels?
  24. Guess what i got!!!!
  25. Is there such a thing as "Gray Market" Al Mars??
  26. Customer service,like no other.
  27. Etching maker marks
  28. Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block
  29. Whats this?
  30. New Elmax Super Steel Giveaway !!!
  31. Knife makers supply problems!
  32. Help On Personal Signature- (Engraving Machine?)
  33. Spirit of Steel Show
  34. California "Weird People" Lost Puppy!
  35. Flat grinders Bubble Jig and a set of forged kitchen knives to grind on.
  36. Wiring help on HT oven
  37. Wiring help on HT oven
  38. Tool purchase priority list help
  39. Happy Veterans Day
  40. Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!!
  41. Giveaway #2 for Elmax
  42. Latest folder, "arachnophobia tactical"
  43. Today I stand...
  44. My Shop Visit
  45. NCCA Show 11/14/10
  46. sharpening forum?
  47. What I did on veterans day.
  48. Prayer Request
  49. Boise knife show.
  50. Need Help-AISI 5150 Steel for Knives?
  51. Auction of a knife from Charly Bennica (France) in favor to fight genetic diseases
  52. where to find mokume rod?
  53. I wanted to pass this along,so that you may pass it on to everyone you know...
  54. 2nd Annual Central Florida Knife-In *ANNOUNCEMENT*
  55. Who like's Mahogany??
  56. Random photos from the Boise Knife Show
  57. Wednesday night insanity is back!!!
  58. Tents for Weekend Camping
  59. Looky what followed me home
  60. This is knife #2
  61. New use for your Anvil
  62. Do you have a love for curves,balance,symmetry?...
  63. Wounded Warrior Project Benefit Raffle
  64. They call me mello yellow, oh yeah!
  65. KnifeDogs.com Shirts, Hoody, cap, tags, patch - big sale - Get your dog on for Xmas..
  66. Pics from Saturday hammerin @ Bethel Ridge Forge.
  67. Question about Alabama damascus
  68. ??? about propane torch head for one brick forge.
  69. 2011 Central Florida Hammer/Knife-In Information
  70. joe keesler stain
  71. Purple Heart,What to finish with?
  72. Happy Bird Day!!!!
  73. L-6
  74. Upcoming Elmax Charity Raffle.
  75. Happy Thanksgiving!
  76. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!
  77. Check this Old Craftsman Knife Out~!?
  78. Smoke for a fine Lady...
  79. Inexpensive DIY (light duty) milling machine
  80. O.k. you Dogs, strut your steel! Show us what you got!!!
  81. Found my lost knife
  82. Can This Be Cut Up Into Handles???
  83. What's your coolest DIY/Homemade tool,gizmo and/or piece of equipment?
  84. Rotator Cuff Surgery
  85. Motivation?
  86. Wind up the year with a couple of good Gun & Knife Shows
  87. What's the point of a Take-down bowie?
  88. Question
  89. Update from ............................................ME!
  90. Gib Guignard - In memoriam
  91. Congrats to Les George!
  92. New Elmax Super Steel Giveaway December 4, 2010 !!!
  93. Knives Illustrated 1999
  94. Pushing The Right To Bear Arms, The Sharp Kind.
  95. Testing your own knives
  96. Heat treating questions
  97. Brace yourselves - We will have some google ads and banner ads here..
  98. Knife Filing and Engraving Costs?
  99. Knife for a kid
  100. Forging CPM S30V...
  101. Where's Levine
  102. we are hunkered down herre - ice yesterday, blizzard today...
  103. Take a look at him
  104. Cross your Fingers and Toes - What happened, Why we were down..
  105. What is Living Steel?
  106. collector's advice
  107. I am still here
  108. 3 classmates in Knives 2011
  109. Coye Knives patch giveaway
  110. ENDS DEC. 22 @ 8pm 3,500 Post GAW - Carpenter's CTS-XHP
  111. Ring Making advice?
  112. Box O Sheaths Giveaway!
  113. I want to make a forearm sheath
  114. Tomahawk and matching billet Ra-f-e
  115. More winter weather on the way for us
  116. Knife Auction to Benefit Young Cancer Patient
  117. 16" x 1/4" x 1.8 w Billet Ra##le # 2
  118. Anyone else get Burt Fosters newsletter?
  119. I got something on my mind...
  120. Recommendation request multiblade folder
  121. Coye Dog Tag Giveaway
  122. Win this knife
  123. If you could get any knife for Christmas...
  124. 25# Little Giant Power Hammer for sale on Craigslist in OKlahoma
  125. Bold 76 layer billet
  126. Randall Knife song
  127. I Need Some Dog Training!!??? Help
  128. Merry Christmas Knifedogs!
  129. Off topic (guitar? )
  130. Check out this video.
  131. I can't sell it so I'm giving it away!
  132. KnifeDogs Donations made
  133. Post #3,500 Carpenter's CTS-XHP GAW
  134. GunPal support is withdrawn...no further GunPal payments will be allowed on KD
  135. Night before Christmas: Knife Dog style, everyone pitch in!
  136. Holiday Greetings
  137. Merry Christmas from Ironwolf and my 'cub'
  138. SO What did you get for Christmas
  139. New one
  140. Is there any part of your knifemaking that you consider trade secrets.
  141. LARGE billet
  142. Anyone going to any of the Las Vegas Shows?
  143. Rebuilt Corkscrew opener in Black Walnut
  144. Gravity knife
  145. John Barker in BLADE
  146. Happy New Year everyone
  147. Happy New Year from Wolf to all you Dogs
  148. 20" x 2.1 w x .250 t 288 layer texas whirl
  149. Me throwing knifes. Was bored figured I would film it.
  150. 2nd Annual KnifeDogs MITH Giveaway
  151. SPAM Attack
  152. Proud Papa!
  153. Pewter skull Giveaway
  154. custom knives (bauchop)
  155. First folder
  156. Retrofitting the Bridgeport mill.
  157. AKA Custom Knife Show
  158. Our own Bruce Bump wins again!!
  159. 13" x 1.6w Billet
  160. You Masters Amaze Me "Waste Not" Metal
  161. Help me with the rest of my KITH Knife desighn
  162. Wow
  163. Knife #2
  164. Show Schedule 2011
  165. Darci gets defense player of the year 2010
  166. The thing I find hardest in knifemaking...
  167. Looks Like we got hijacked
  168. Superconductor?
  169. Surgery
  170. A Thank You to Indian George...
  171. He's back!!!
  172. whiskey tango foxtrot
  173. Who wants to help?
  174. any WIP or tutorials on coloring damascus?
  175. Videos of my latest forge work from start to finish. *Neo tribal style baby :)*.
  176. KD under attack by spammers..
  177. What type of knife would be best?
  178. I would like to Wish a
  179. WW II German Knives
  180. The Legend of the Bowie Knife
  181. Jim Adams???
  182. Has anyone heard of him and can give me some direction.
  183. 6010 members
  184. Postive Thoughts for Aussies
  185. The Story of the Nessmuk Knife
  186. It sure is nice using a good knife for this job.
  187. Something I'm going to do in the near future!
  188. Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
  189. RIP George Tichbourne...and,please,help his wife,Carol...
  190. How do you deal with rust?
  191. What is the most difficult step of knifemaking for you?
  192. Do you save your scrap pieces?
  193. Couple of minatures
  194. Master Smiths Only a few hundred in US?????
  195. Dogs In Blade Magazine
  196. Prayers For Larry
  197. can you recommend a good site for purchasing suvival kit items in bulk?
  198. What items would you carry in a basic survival kit?
  199. Need Rescue Dogs OUCH
  201. Poor POPS
  202. Coye in Knives Illustrated
  203. SNEKG Hammer-In
  204. Most common mistakes that beginners make
  205. Edc #1 mk2
  206. Just Horsing around
  207. Latest Knife
  208. AFter a stroke
  209. Wierd luck... I think... just got 2 free Baldors
  210. Free Give Away - One of our new Pivot Laps
  211. Survival Kit
  212. Guess who? I'm back, did you miss me?!
  213. I got this this morning.What do you think?
  214. ladder birdseye billet
  215. Can anyone tell me about this knife?
  216. Nominations are open!!
  217. My estate sale find
  218. Where do you buy your Knife Supplies?
  219. Need advice with heatreat oven
  220. Happy Australia Day to our Brothers down under
  221. Brut De Forge- -a pair waiting on handles.
  222. BIG Gun and Knife Show - Feb 26-27 - Louisville, KY
  223. We lost another of the Great knifemakers - Dan Dennehy
  224. 1/2 arbor press
  225. Knife & Gun Show - Feb 12-13, Wilkesboro, NC
  226. knife shop March 21-25 in Mountain View Arkansas
  227. Future knifedog
  228. Makers - what do you want to achieve in 2011?
  229. Its been a long time coming but.............
  230. LOOK WHAT I MADE Basket Weave
  231. Prayer Request for my family
  232. Check it out
  233. Smoke and warm thoughts for ya'll
  234. Blade Show
  235. Talked with Keith Willis
  236. February-2011---Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on---giveaway.
  237. What was I Thinking ....
  238. Loveless Grind?
  239. Damascus neck knife GIVEAWAY, The Falcon by HHH Knives
  240. Free Knife Photography.
  241. Darci's #8 ---- Skinner
  242. BladeSports NLD - New members!
  243. NCCA Knife Show
  244. Al Pendray info
  245. Mia's audition to be a Knifedogs.com girl
  246. Darci might need some" Lots" of dogs praying to the softball gods for her
  247. HEY GUYS! Remember what Monday is....
  248. I won for losing
  249. Itís finally starting to warm up here!
  250. The polls are open !!!!