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  1. knife etching
  2. Anyone need KAOWOOL in the DFW area?
  3. broke my Mayer 50lb hammer
  4. The KnifeDogs.com poster girl
  5. buffers
  6. A new Norton sandpaper
  7. Help!...sourcing out a high carbon santuko blade...
  8. where to get steel tested for content
  9. BB Literary Guild
  10. HEY! Did we over look our own Chuck Gedraitis in this months Blade Mag?
  11. Dallas are sheath makers
  12. My Antique Grinder
  13. Rock Cowles hooked me up
  14. Raining knives at my house
  15. a 1725 buffer
  16. Oh the things I have been missing!
  17. A brother's First custom knife...
  18. any knifemakers in Colorado?
  19. Making some progress
  20. Suprise in the mail...Thanks G.Shahan
  21. Gadzooks! New forum software is installed
  22. Had my first forging lesson Sunday!
  23. Silver Twill G10
  24. Introduction and sheath type question
  25. Prayer Request
  26. Official Log-in Fix
  27. Recommendations for stabilizing wood
  28. Grandpaws old grinder
  29. Stabilized Wood Giveaway at woodstabilizer.com
  30. HF shop rolls sand paper
  31. A.G. Russell Knife Show Thread
  32. Design opinions needed
  33. Need help wiring a controller in a oven
  34. KGA Knife Show August 28th Are you going to be there????
  35. Red hot mokume
  36. Who all has lost a favorite knife?...
  37. I started a group a while back the Texas DFW knife makers
  38. A.G. Russell show sales
  39. Much obliged
  40. RIP Ron Nott
  41. OK, been gone for a while, but what are the little rods?
  42. Just Because Give Away - Arkasas Black Stone
  43. Wildcat Knife company (should I get it or not?)
  44. Working niobium
  45. Knife GAW
  46. Ashokan NY knife weekend
  47. Warning, Warning, Warning Explosive mixture
  48. On The Road To 2000.........With a giveaway
  49. 416 stainless is getting scarce - what 400 or 300 ss will you switch to and why?
  50. Another 'crate',for a friend
  51. "Today's Posts"?
  52. Benefit CO-OP Raffle
  53. Road Grinder!
  54. Paging Mr. Janik...
  55. Phoenix, AZ Knife Makers
  56. Custom Prototype - BROUSBLADES
  57. Kershaw
  58. caswell
  59. Big Dog Folder Build
  60. Shop Floor Planner
  61. Les George Pass around 1
  62. measureing squareness
  63. Folding knife threads in folding knife forums; shop talk in shop talk forums; gereral
  64. Mas mokume
  65. Friday (the 13th) freebie
  66. Congrats Billy Helton !!
  67. How about a mokume forum?
  68. Is anyone interested in a custom run of Protech Autos with a KnifeDogs logo?
  69. Anyone have anything for a Give Away? How about a mass give away? Newsletter time!
  70. Stabilized Box Elder Give-Away !!
  71. Got a vise ??????
  72. Another Warning: Common Cleaners Can Turn Into Poison Gas
  73. PKA Show & The USN Gathering
  74. Walnut Giveaway on the Janik Knives Forum
  75. How hot does metal have to be before it goes "pssst" when ya dunk it in water?
  76. I sent of my form for the Guadaloupe Forge Fall Hammer-in
  77. Anyone know about old pianos and if the keys are ivory?
  78. Anyone Going to the ABS Expo?
  79. Knife ShowCase
  80. Anybody a whiz with Photobucket? Help.
  81. Any Hair Shears / Scissors Experts Out There
  82. The passing of Kelly Carlson
  83. Had to modify an old tool into a new tool today.
  84. Knifemaker estate sale
  85. The Expendables / Stallones knife nut movie.
  86. 8-23-09 KnifeDogs started - We are 1 year old
  87. work bench top
  88. Ever used Loctite 2 part epoxy?
  89. Best place to buy 1095
  90. BladeSports visit to Australia
  91. Knife class at Bob Warner’s part deux
  92. anyone used Gorilla's new 2-part epoxy?
  93. Another Warning: concealed carry permit , maybe knives also
  94. One Just Leaving
  95. Molle-Loc on back order, need a set ASAP
  96. Visit From A Friend (and New Knife)
  97. Questions about Boise ID Knife Show in November
  98. Considering buying a full lot of old blanks for scaling, need assistance
  99. My 2nd and 3rd attempt an knife making.
  100. Another Mistake I made in "Forge Welding Stainless Steel" thread.
  101. sluggish response here - we are addressing it
  102. Help KnifeDogs...Help Us out by voting in Knives Illustrated Poll for Best of
  103. Threw one together today...
  104. Sharp enough
  105. 1ST Knife
  106. Hammer-In Sept. 25th
  107. Need help in identifying this custom knife of mine..whose mark is this makers?
  108. Raffles and more.....
  109. Aw heck..........I Gold plated it !
  110. This is for Wayne Coe
  111. Warning! Metal fume fever dangers!!!!
  112. KABAR/Becker BK-7 vs ESEE (RAT) 6
  113. Will not be around
  114. Shop Visit (Got Put To Work)
  115. knife making classes in NC
  116. Anyone use a PlasmaCam?
  117. Tutorials of all kinds (4 Viewing)
  118. HillBilly Heat Treating
  119. Indian George - A little Help
  120. My first knife and sheath
  121. Surgury Today
  122. A lot of guys with medical issues lately
  123. Mower blades.
  124. We have lost one of the great names in knives. R.I.P. Bob Loveless
  125. Gonna make Ernie mad...
  126. Attention! If you are trying to reach Wayne Coe
  127. Disc Grinder for a No Weld Grinder
  128. Knife Price Calculator
  129. Live Chat?
  130. Need someone in N.W.Arkansas to grind on my blade a little.
  131. Thought you could get rid of me HUH
  132. Spivey Sabertooth
  133. Horse stall mat gaw
  134. "Fun with stickers" GAW
  135. Janik / Bump collaboration W.I.P.
  136. Japanes Knife help!
  137. Barrett Custom Hammer-in
  138. Knife makers:what do YOU do with blades & knives that aren't quite "perfect"...?
  139. Brown sugar quench
  140. zipper club
  141. In hospital again.
  142. My new knife shop
  143. Restatement of Policy
  144. Central Arkansas Shop Visit
  145. WD-40 Super Deal !!!
  146. Kershaw
  147. Patch Give Away
  148. Happy birthday to bossdog!!!!
  149. Ashoken next weekend!
  150. Ideal hatchet/axe?
  151. Useless of Sweden No.1 WIP
  152. Les George In Blade Magazine
  153. did I make a good deal or not?
  154. did I make a good deal or not?
  155. Spirit Of Steel
  156. Things a little slow right now
  157. Carbon Fiber Scale Give-a-way
  158. 2010 Knifemakers Guild Show Schedule and Agenda
  159. PayPal, GunPal, GPal, who's yer Pal? Aaaarrrggghhh! Not again?!
  160. OKLAHOMA KGA shop tour
  161. Dream Knife Give-Away-- Feedback Wanted
  162. Wisconsin Annual Fall Show
  163. Smoke for a Friend
  164. The Naked Edge
  165. You got to see this!!!
  166. A very cool story...Baghdad blades!
  167. Elmax Super Steel from Uddeholm - How are we going to distribute 40 bars to test?
  168. Metals to practice grinding on
  169. Leg/post vise on CL
  170. Raffle raffle
  171. Good News Bad News
  172. 8 profiled this morning
  173. 10 Brand New Exclusive Designs + Blade Magazine Appearance!
  174. Printers, Shirt Makers, and Decal Makers directory
  175. Server Upgrade Here
  176. Prayers requested
  177. Bob Neal
  178. KnifeDogs.com makes award from fund to support a fellow knife maker
  179. Help..
  180. Have we been hacked?
  181. Friend found a so called fix on line here is the link
  182. We have been hacked - what we know so far
  183. Guild Show feedback
  184. 2,000 post Giveaway!
  185. First knife with a friend.
  186. Guild show attendance
  187. Free Elmax Super Steel from Uddeholm - Give away updated with files
  188. Dream knife give-away !!!!!!!!!!!
  189. latest knife
  190. Heading out for Guadalupe Forge school of knifmaking and bladesmithing today
  191. A about posting ..
  192. Bob Warner Award #2
  193. New Poll on Janik Knives forum.
  194. Use the Calendar here to help publicize events
  195. A Boy and his Bowie
  196. I hate when that happens
  197. Calling Boss or someone
  198. how to spot anneal ?
  199. First Day with the grinder
  200. 1st Annual buy Steve Lunch Day!
  201. 5 ready for heat treat
  202. Anyone know whats up with Tracy's website?
  203. Wasssup???
  204. Hook-Eye cutlery grinder
  205. I'm goin' hunting...for a %$#@&^$ thief!
  206. Some pre hardened 02
  207. Caffrey Knives is now a VA approved Training Facility!
  208. Last minute plea!!!
  209. Smoke and Prayers needed!!!
  210. Knife Scale Give Away Sign up!
  211. My 2 New Pieces going in Tactical Magazine (Picture Heavy)
  212. Any welders want to trade?
  213. AVO Successful Hunt
  214. Larry is back with us.
  215. Large Bandsaw Blades, Are they any good?
  216. Help finding an end pin supplier?
  217. Carbon Dating
  218. My First Marked Blade
  219. Thank you Chris Martin
  220. Knife #3
  221. Addicted to dovetails
  222. You will be seeing a lot less of me after the weekend.
  223. Florida knifemakers’ association invitational knife show - this weekend !!!
  224. Going Home For Halloween
  225. Trading Post Knife and Pawn
  226. If you have a bad back; try this tool arm cozy.
  227. Pass the buck
  228. Nice little find
  229. 1st Annual Big Spring TX Knife Show
  230. Can You Tell I'm Bored???????
  231. I need some "HELP"
  232. Canadian Knifemakers Guild Open Show and Sale Oct. 22 & 23, Toronto
  233. 2 for an elk hunter
  234. Facebook is integrated with KnifeDogs -- I think
  235. Connecticut Hammer-in Nov. 27th!!!!
  236. BRKT aurora or bravo 1
  237. Elmax Build n Test n Show Thread
  238. Help!! what type axe, is this?
  239. Blade Steel. What to use? Expert opinions needed.
  240. Louisville, KY Show this weekend Oct 16-17
  241. So...anyone read the latest issue of Blade?...
  242. First knife, critiques welcome.
  243. My engraver/scrimshander's work
  244. scandinavian vs convex grind?
  245. Pushy Joe Public
  246. What sort of safety precautions or equipment do you use?
  247. 3,000 Posts
  248. Sheaths
  249. ohio classic show
  250. Ready for heat?