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  1. Paying it forward
  2. what would you like
  3. Everything Needed To Build A Knife GAW
  4. Home made Knife Vice
  5. Lets give away a folder.
  6. Aluminum plates thick 14 long & 12 wide
  7. Falcon, Neck Knife GIVE AWAY
  8. Pin and Tubing give-away
  9. PIF: NPC 1911 scope mount
  10. Knife scribe GAW
  11. Full Face Respirator
  12. Darci's FIRST knife up for grabs + a little skinner neck knife
  13. 1000 Post GAW VISE/ Just Because
  14. Wrought iron,and Purple Heart.
  15. Newberry Knives shirt GAW
  16. Bill Burke give away
  17. Trick Or Treat box give away
  18. Christmas Box GIVE AWAY!
  19. Lets give away some knife blanks
  20. Christmas Box GAW part II "The Knife"
  21. Woodlab Knifemakers Care Package Give Away
  22. New Year GAW, Desert Ironwood Burl!!
  23. I am giving away a FREE knife.
  24. Giveaway - Bali kit, Pivot Lap, Bali Parts, go enter
  25. Giveaway - Bali kit, Pivot Lap, Bali Parts, go enter
  26. Ferric Chloride in Lewistown MT
  27. Time to do a giveaway. fang boot lacers
  28. Giveaway $50 stainless hollow tube knife handle
  29. Giveaway for a Rick Hinderer-- Yes, you saw it, a Hinderer
  30. LeclairKnives Giveaway
  31. Coye 105 XL ~ open auction to benefit Gene Smithson
  32. Lets give out some Christmas knife making money!
  33. Christmas-ish/Appreciation Giveaway
  34. jig /blank
  35. Call for Donations of Knives or other...
  36. Band saw blades
  37. Leather Stuff
  38. Fellow knifemaker Zoe Crist benefit
  39. American Valor Benefit Raffle
  40. Carter Knives Christmas Giveaway
  41. HHH Damascus GIVEAWAY!!!
  42. For "Newbies" only
  43. Free Sheath for ESEE Izula
  44. Would you have extra supplies I could have of scrap wood or burl
  45. Posting wood to the US
  46. as soon as I get time I will do some giveaways
  47. HHH Knives T shirt GIVEAWAY!!!
  48. Call for donations to benefit american valor outdoors raffle
  49. Meet our 2014 AVO Hunt Recipient
  50. Thanks for your donation
  51. Red Oak burl
  52. Christmas Giveaway!!
  53. Missouri Oak knife scales.
  54. New Maker Donation Thread
  55. HF Bet Grinder
  56. Wood Block Giveaway
  57. Help us out with a survey?
  58. CAD Drawing Giveaway
  59. LeclairKnives youth hunter gaw
  60. Beginner Box Giveaway