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  1. Welcome Chris Williams and Wilmont Grinders as our newest forum owner
  2. Our new Wilmont grinder.
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  4. Great meeting you today at the NCCKMG!
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  6. If your grinder can't do this, well um you need a new grinder.
  7. A couple new knifemaking videos I made.
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  9. Excellent Service
  10. KD exclusive.
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  16. New 2" economy wheels
  17. New Economy Tracking wheel in PVC
  18. New 5" Poly drive wheel available soon
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  20. Lb1000 new small 2x72 Grinder.
  21. ramp platen?
  22. New Heat treat oven coming
  23. LB1000 Grinders will be back in stock in three days
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